• More than twenty years experience in custom aquarium design
  • We are your Personal Coral and Fish buying agents
  • We Specialize in automation of the Aquarium Environment by integrating computer and testing equipment to manage the exact water parameters needed for your wet Pets. We will even put your aquarium online so you can see your aquarium anytime of the day via your iPhone or other smartphone.
  • Free initial consultations for all new aquariums
  • We love SPS (small polyps stony) Corals that are delicate but are the most
    extravagant to display
  • Available in all shapes and sizes
  • From simple free-standing designs to grand built-in masterpieces
  • Offering one-of-a-kind AquaScaping Rockwork deigned to look like live rock without all the “live rock” issues
  • The ultimate in residential, commercial, and institutional aquatic displays ranging from 30 to 30,000 gallons and beyond See our Facebook page to see the latest custom Aquarium installed.
  • All work and livestock backed by the best guarantees in the business!

Plan Ahead

Please Read these great informative Guides developed just for you with planning your Aquarium.

Read Part 1 – Planning a Custom Aquarium
Read Part 2 – Selecting a Source for Your Custom Aquarium
Read Part 3 – Evaluating Bids for Your Custom Aquarium

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